Sunday, March 29, 2009


How do you put your kids on time out when they are so dang cute and so proud of the bad thing they just did! Chandler was sitting on my lap this morning he had his scissors and asked it he could cut my hair. " No, No I said we don't cut hair! " ( this is where I should have taken the scissors away or told him we only cut paper with scissors) Next thing I know he says mommy look and hold up one of Morgan's computer cables and says" look two!" I held in my scream but couldn't help but laugh when I told him we only cut paper. He was so proud of what he had done I couldn't put him on timeout. I am a little nervous for Morgan to find it though! He might not see the sweetness of our little boy! Or of my poor parenting seeing as he did this sitting on my lap and I had no clue totally didn't see this one coming.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

What's For Dinner

Last week at dinner our conversation went like this:
Jocelyn- " Mom where did you get these noodles?"
Mom - " The store"
Jocelyn- " No, where did they come from?"
Mom - " Trader Joe's"
Jocelyn- " No"
Mom- " What do you mean, do you want to know what kind of plant they came from or do you want to know if they came out a box or a bag?"
Jocelyn- " Yeah, did you make these out of a box?"
Mom- " No they came out of a plastic bag?"
Jocelyn- " Are you sure you didn't make these out of a box!"
Mom- " Yes I am sure would you like to see the bag!"
Jocelyn - " No they just look like they are made out of cardboard"

We had a good laugh on that one! I guess a little butter and Parmesan cheese even makes card board taste better! Just 2 days ago we had the same noodles for dinner to finish of the bag and Jocelyn says as we sit down to dinner " Mom why do you always have to feed us cardboard". My response "because you liked it last time! "

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tour of California

Morgan went to see the FINISH of the Tour in Clovis with his brother Kevin. They got pretty good seats (standing spots) for going around 2:30. Morgan just started taking pictures when he saw the dust cloud and didn't stop until the last riders came through. After watching the news coverage about the Tour last night we looked at the pictures he took and sure enough he got one of Lance Armstrong! Awesome my husband rocks! This will most definetly be our screen saver for a while!  Not that you can see very well but on the bar that goes from the seat to the handle bars it says "Livestrong" and has #1274 on it which is the number of days from his last race to the first this season!  

Friday, December 19, 2008

Ok it is obvious that the digital revolution is in the making because I don't know how to get things in order on blogger but here are all the pictures!  Read on to see the rest of the post!

Digital Revolution

First off I know blogs are to be updated and passed around and then we can all blog stock each other but I am so crazy about how cute every blog I see that I am intimidated to  put mine up if it is not as cute as the next! I am letting go of that for now and I am just going to focus on posting. I am so inspired by my friends and family and all that they do with this digital/technically Savoy lifestyle of blogging and digital scrap booking that I want in! I have completed this 12 page spread of digital scrap booking that is intended for calenders for Christmas presents. But I am so proud of my work! I did it so fast and there was not huge mess to clean up, well no more than the usual kid mess no extra scraps of paper to clean up no boxes of paper to put away and no hours and hours wasted on just "ONE PAGE". No I finished 12 pages in less than 5 hours broken up over a few days! So here goes the digital revolution in Erika.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Start of Something New

Jocelyn started school yesterday! We are so lucky to live so close we will be walking to school everyday! I was very nervous that she was going to have a hard time. She wouldn't leave my side the day we went to meet her teacher and see her classroom and erupted with tears when the teacher asked to take her picture. Needless to say I thought I would be going to the first day of kindergarten too! But I walked her in and showed her stuff that was laid out on the tables and asked her if she wanted to sit next to Kelsey from church and she pulled out a chair and sat down at the table instead. I think the carpet might have been too much! But she sat and stayed as I walked away and I smiled waved and blew her a kiss and she go the biggest grin and smiled and blew a kiss right back! I am so proud of her for making this big step! As well I was proud of myself for walking home without crying!